Types of Amazon PPC Ads

Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) is a powerful tool to help third party sellers get their brand and products noticed, encourage customers to visit their Amazon store, and it is also a platform to help grow sales. Amazon PPC works like an auction where advertisers place bids on keywords and pay only if their ad gets clicked. Yes, that’s right, advertisers only pay when potential customers click on the ads and they only pay the bid amount of the second winning bidder not the amount they bid on.

Business owners that are just starting out have different options on how to advertise their products. It is recommended that they allot money for spending on Ads and try automatic and manual targeting to get a clear idea as to what keywords and search terms are highly relevant to their products.

Advertising on Amazon is classified into three types.

  • Sponsored Products Ads
  • Sponsored Brand Ads
  • Sponsored Display Ads


Sponsored products ads are the most popular kind of ads on Amazon. They often appear in organic search results and in detail pages of competitors. Here are some examples.

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