2021 Full Account Management Case Study


We onboarded a brand new client in June of 2020, and helped them create a new  account, Amazon catalog, storefront, listing creation, and launch strategies. In 2020  we helped the client launch their first 11 Parent SKUs and finished the year with total  sales of $47,618.01. In 2021 we launched an additional 20 Parent SKUs and  finished the year with a total of $3,326,412.18. 

This case shows the potential for rapid growth when an account manager work with  a client closely in the product development stage. 


Parent SKU 

A parent SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is a SKU that contains a group of child SKUs. So for example our  client sells in the apparel category and may have a parent SKU called “T-Shirt-Men-1” under this  parent SKU listing their may be 5 colors, and 10 sizes so that would mean this Parent has 50 Child  variations under it.  

Child SKU 

A child SKU is the children color and size variations that are associated with a single parent.  

EBC Content 

EBC Content (Enhanced Brand Content) is a section under a listing that you can tell your brand story,  and further showcase your product with lifestyle images, this section is only available after we  complete brand registry. Typically, clients with EBC see a 2-5%+ increase in conversion rate, which is  important for increasing sales and helps with organic ranking.

Figure 1


In June of 2020 the Client came to us with no experience selling on Amazon we started our  onboarding by first getting all documentation following amazon’s TOS. After creating the account our  account managers reviewed their full catalog of 100’s of products and then selected products and  bundles that have demand on Amazon.  

We then provide forecasts on estimated sales based on market research allow the client to place  reasonable orders with their suppliers. Once the orders are placed our full-time copywriters created  Titles, Features, Backend Search terms, Descriptions, and EBC that both focuses on having strong  SEO but also educating the customer on the brand and product. Once the product lands the  advertising manager assists with advertising campaign creation, social promotions, and coupons.  This processed is repeated to grow a small or non-existent catalog into an extensive amazon catalog. 


June-August 2020: 

Client is onboarded to Amazon, (1) We provide them training on Amazon’s TOS (Terms of Service) to  protect their account from future suspension. (2) We submit documentation to Amazon to get the  account opened. (3) We get all trademarks from the Client and start the brand registry process.  

Figure 2 

We then review the catalog, and work with the client to understand their product and where the  potential target market may be. As seen in Figure 2 we review 1000’s of keywords for each product  to find where there is demand for a product. 

We believe that it is important to pair this quantitative analysis of a market with qualitative research. Our research goes deeper then just reviewing data and we review all competitor listings. Reading  their customer reviews to understand where the pain points are and make sure our clients product  don’t have the same issues. We also look to see what isn’t currently being sold in our target market  and will bundles products in the clients catalog to offer unique new products to customers.  

Using this research method, we were able to provide the client with 11 well research Parent SKUs  that they launched over the course of 2020. 

September 2020 – December 2020: 

The first 5 Parent SKUs were live with new ad campaigns by mid-august, the remaining 6 parent  SKUs arrived from China throughout Q4 of 2020. We finished the year with total sales of $47,618.01

January 2021 – December 2021: 

In January of 2021 we worked on further growing the clients catalog by researching an additional 10  parent SKUs, that were launched throughout Q1 & Q2 of 2021. Pairing strong market research and  aggressive marketing the clients account grew to over 3 million in sales. Below in Figure 3 is a full  breakdown of our Sales and expenses on the account for 2021, please note this does not include off amazon fees such as COGS, or agency fees. 2021 Total Deposited: $1,373,919.81

Figure 3

Going forward for 2022: 

We have plans to nearly double the catalog and already are trending at nearly double the sales of the  previous year as of March of 2022. With the new products that are on the way and the maturing of  our current catalog we are forecasting sales of $7,500,000 for this account in 2022. In Figure 4 March was still only partially complete so sales are inaccurate for March This Year so far figures.  But sales are trending upwards Year over Year and we have a lot of new products on the way to help  achieve our 2022 projections.  

Figure 4 


Through Constant market research, product launches, and advertising we were able to grow a  brand new account in a relative short amount of time. As amazon continues to become more  competitive it is becoming even more critical for sellers to look at their account holistically and  make sure all parts are being optimized from product research, listing creation, SEO, photography,  PPC, and pricing. Following this approach, it is still possible to experience whirlwind growth even in  2022. 

Alex H.

Alex H.

Advertising Manager Breetly E-commerce
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